The AgencyCFO™ packages are the industry’s must-have strategic, financial resource. Plus, it comes at a fraction of the cost for a full-time CFO!


Agency CFO

Virtual. Fractional. Scalable. Customizable. We help you find the money lying on the floor of your agency.


Leadership Development

We understand the value of unique abilities and leadership programs are devoted to developing people at all levels.


Generational Integration

Helping team members from different stages of their career work together efficiently and effectively.


New Glass Ceiling

Loss of direction? Lack of motivation? High Attrition? We will help shatter your organization’s glass ceiling!



RD Advisory Group Founding Partner Roe Polczynski has an engaging style that leads to very candid conversations with her clients. Often, she can see in them what they cannot see in themselves. Just as important is her ability to interact and relate to people in very different stages of their careers. Adding to this are her conversation skills and her sense of perception, which often allows people to instantly form a bond with her. These skills bring out the real issues people are facing and her business instinct allows them to find the resolutions they need.


Partner Don Polczynski brings a high degree of integrity and trustworthiness to RD Advisory Group clients. He is an avid student of leadership and loves to get into the details of how businesses and organizations function. Often he is immersed in their most confidential financial data. They in turn rely heavily on his critical thought process and business financial acumen. At the end of the day, he wants to play a vital role in helping them improve, grow and prosper.

At RD Advisory Group, we are committed to making your experience with us exciting, relevant and a catalyst for positive change. Why choose us?

  • We bridge the gap between perception and reality to ensure the experience with your clients is exactly what you intend it to be.
  • We understand that everyone must assume a leadership role in some aspect of their lives, and by investing in the development of current and future leaders, the positive impact will be exponential.
  • We choose only to work with those who strive for high ethics and employ strong leadership principles.
  • We break paradigms to allow you to explore new approaches to the same old issues.
  • We promote candid conversations and accountability with those who have the highest spheres of influence within their businesses.
  • We answer questions – the questions that are most relevant to you.

The Book

Are you ready to lead yourself to your ideal future? Get “Changing Your Equation,” written by Roe and her husband Don Polczynski. As experts in personal leadership, they can help you make the changes you need to succeed in your career – and in your life in general.
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We are quickly moving to identify opportunities

Hiring Don as CIA’s Virtual CFO has proven to be a great solution in filling the gap between my bookkeeper and CPA. He has brought his deep agency experience and insight to the benefit of CIA. Don has taken our numbers and extracted the key points of information that I need each month. I feel Continue Reading

Sam Crudo, CRM, CIC, CEO at CIA Insurance


speaking engagements available

Roe and Don are dynamic, experienced speakers and offer fresh perspectives in their presentations! Please contact them to learn more and check availability for your keynotes and luncheon speeches, in-house seminars and breakout sessions at conferences. To see them in action, visit their YouTube page!