In speaking with a small business owner about the organizational issues he was facing he said,
“I dread my drive to work everyday.” Wow. Can you imagine owning a business that you dreaded driving to every day? When pressed for more details, he focused on issues with employee interactions, client experiences and financial growth. He knew that when he got to work, the day he planned would not be the day he had. It’s not just business owners either. Senior executives and managers are hit with a constant barrage of fires that have to be put out the minute they walk through the door.

It is not surprising that the drive to work is filled with dread.

Does it really have to be that way?

In working with our clients, experience has shown that executives need to have an outside point of view and source for conversations. RD Advisory Group understands that need and developed the Executive Accountability Platform as the answer.

The Executive Accountability Platform sets the stage to have regularly scheduled, open conversations about pressing issues and to serve as a solution source for the problems. It is completely customized based on the unique needs of the executive and company and is a proven avenue for a successful organizational transformation.

There is someone who you can help you enjoy your drive to work! Contact Roe Polczynski, president at RD Advisory Group, LLC at (315) 368-8661 or [email protected] today to put an end to the dread!