At RD Advisory Group, we know you have choices when it comes to your partner in success. We believe we provide businesspeople with the very best advisory services available, and are committed to making your experience with us exciting, relevant and a catalyst for positive change. Why choose us?


  • We bridge the gap between perception and reality to ensure the experience of your clients is exactly what you intend it to be.
  • We break paradigms to allow you to explore new approaches to the same old issues.
  • We understand that everyone must assume a leadership role in some aspect of their lives, and by investing in the development of current and future leaders, the positive impact will be exponential.
  • We promote candid conversations and accountability with those who have the highest spheres of influence within their businesses.
  • We choose only to work with those who strive for high ethics and employ strong leadership principles.
  • We answer questions – the questions that are most relevant to you.


To learn more about how we can help your business succeed, contact the RD Advisory Group at 315-368-8661, or email Roe Polczynski, president, RD Advisory Group at [email protected].