Another assessment? Yes – if you want the highest opportunity for ROI!

Doing more with less is standard operating practice. It does not mean it is painless. Customers are serious about results, and competition is fiercer than ever. According to, “Global competition and rapidly advancing technology have raised the bar for performance. Excellence is no longer highly desirable but essential. Increasingly, the most significant point of differentiation is neither product nor price, but the quality of service provided. Organizations have to dig deeper to optimize not only production and distribution processes, but to find ways to make internal administrative and sales/marketing activities more efficient.”

For that reason, RD Advisory Group has developed a unique organizational optimization assessment that will help you understand what areas are working well for your company and what functions need attention. We’ll ask you important questions like:

How has your company adapted to running leaner?
Do you know where do your greatest opportunities lie?
What are you leaving on the table?

After the assessment is complete, RD Advisory Group will work with you to improve the results. There are millions of ideas – the real success is knowing that it will bring the best return on investment.

RD Advisory Group is not just a consulting company – we are your partner in achieving maximum results. It’s time to achieve maximum results for your efforts!

When you need organizational optimization, we’re ready to assist you! To learn more about how we can help your business succeed, contact the RD Advisory Group at 315-368-8661, or email Roe Polczynski, president, RD Advisory Group at [email protected].