Different people. Different abilities. Different stages of their career. How can they be brought to their potential? RD Advisory Group understands the value of unique abilities and has created a line of services devoted to developing people at all career levels. We offer personal development, management advancement, executive accountability and “code red” employee intervention in order to provide you with an individualized mentorship experience.

Personal Development Package: Designed for new employees or those who need a little polishing. Package includes:

Initial in-person consultation to identify target areas.
Monthly one hour one-on-one to work on professional development items.
Monthly follow up phone call.
Unlimited email contact to advise on issues as they arise.
Monthly status update email to supervisor.

Management Advancement Suite: Designed for first-time managers, managers who are struggling in their role, or managers who want to grow in their role and advance. Managers shouldn’t have to go it alone. Package includes:

Confidential 360-degree survey with analysis of results.
Development of a customized action plan with defined milestones and a timeline.
Monthly one-hour, one-on-one to discuss progress on milestones.
Unlimited email contact to advise on issues as they arise.
Scheduled sessions with manager.

Executive Accountability Platform: Small business owners, non-profit senior leadership teams, C-level executives, this is your platform to take the dread out of your drive in to work! Package includes:

“What do you dread on your drive to work” assessment.
Leadership performance survey
Analysis of results leading to the development of customized action plans for both personal and organizational indicators.
Monthly one-on-one contact.
Unlimited phone or email contact to discuss issues as they arise.
Complimentary year-end follow-up survey.

Code Red Employee Intervention: Don’t lose a good employee to a bad situation. This package targets employees who are in crisis and are in danger of losing their jobs. Package includes:

Immediate in-person consultation with supervisor and then employee.
For the first month or more, there will be weekly check-ins to discuss, address and resolve issues.
When deemed appropriate by RD Advisory Group, employee will be moved to bi-weekly and eventually monthly contact programs.
Ongoing recommendations on continuation of programs, successful turnaround or timely termination discussions.

When you need mentorship in any of the above areas, we’re ready to assist you! To learn more about how we can help your business succeed, contact the RD Advisory Group at 315-368-8661, or email Roe Polczynski, president, RD Advisory Group at [email protected].