Just as important is her ability to interact and relate to people in very different stages of their careers. Roe’s entrepreneurial and senior management experience puts her at ease with the upper echelons of businesses. Yet, her experience as a business instructor at a local college gives the insight she needs to relate to younger employees. Adding to this is her conversation skills and her sense of perception, which often allows people to instantly form a bond with her. These skills bring out the real issues people are facing and her business instinct allows them to find the resolutions they need.


Together, these traits along with her education and experience make her a dynamic addition to your advisory team. Don’t just take our word for it! Call Roe at 315-368-8661 or email her at [email protected]. Invite her to lunch! You will see for yourself why you, your employees, your business and your future want her as a partner! Plus, she really will make the dread go away from your drive to work.