Often, our clients and prospects share a laugh when we note that Don is the “numbers” and I (Roe) am the “human.”

Don has an intuitive sense when the figures don’t look right just as it’s common for me to spot an employee who doesn’t seem right.  While it is easy for each of us to get caught up in our own observations, we have found that both sides need attention.

Only focusing on the numbers misses the impact of human nature on business operations.  Trying to only focus on human nature can lead an agency into serious financial consequences.  The two sides must have each other to bring balance, and ultimately, a complete picture. 

In helping independent insurance agencies grow and become more profitable, we have found distinct areas that need extra focus on the marriage of organizational and financial excellence.

Here are three important questions to get you started:

  1. Does your Strategic Plan unite both sides? Or, are they individual plans?
  2. Do you develop your employees to ensure agency financial and organizational stability?
  3. Have you created a working union within legacy transitions and internal succession plans?

These areas need more attention than a single blog post can give. Stay tuned for our three part series where we’ll dive deeper into each question.

Until then, if you want more information, just reach out to Don ([email protected]) or myself ([email protected])! We’d love to share our insights of insurance agency financial and organizational excellence.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Roe